Important Aspects of Quality Web Design

Important Aspects of Quality Web Design

WEB DESIGN ELEMENTSIf you’ve never built a website or had one built before, you may either not know what to pay or not know what to look for in a good looking website. Considering the cost of a basic website is upwards of $2,000 if you don’t know what you are looking for the possibility you totally mess up and get a low quality product is really high. We’ll try and go over the must-haves for web design in 2016 in today’s post, provided by web design nj.

Despite the obvious need for your website to not look horrible, there are some other aspects that need to work well and these are often overlooked by amateur designers. Knowing exactly what you want can help you match up well with prospective digital agencies that offer web design and stay away from quick hatchet jobs that only look low quality and don’t impress prospective customers.

The first aspect of a good site that people underestimate is getting it to load fast on as many possible devices as possible. People searching for your business online, or perhaps hitting your site directly have a short attention span and if your site is loading in 5 seconds that might be a turn off for someone who is in a rush. A good web designer should be able to get your site to load in under 2 seconds and this should reduce your overall bounce rate – which refers to the amount of people that do not engage with more than 1 page on your site.

Secondly, a good designer can do the technical work to make sure your site loads and appears appropriately on smartphones and the wide variety of 5-10” tablets that clients and customers are using. This is becoming more and more important from an SEO services point of view, as Google may penalize your natural search rankings due to a bad user experience and lack of mobile usability. Basically, if people are not using your site because it is not responsive on mobile devices they may knock you down on the organic rankings.

Finally, conversions is what counts no matter what the scale, size or nature of your business is, even if you aren’t selling directly online. A web designer can assist you in making sure your site is conversion optimized and effectively funnels your traffic into a conversion. This can be either a phone call, appointment bookings, email sent or even through social media marketing to your followings. This is often overlooked by people looking to pinch pennies but in the long term, having a site that can effectively turn x amount of visitors into a certain goal or outcome is vastly more valuable.

At the end of the day, we would recommend you see this as an investment with a specific ROI. Saving $1000 upfront is really nothing in the long term for a business, but having a slow, horribly ugly site that does nothing in terms of getting you fresh customers through the door certainly is a big problem and should be avoided.

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